Sunday, May 22

Covid-19: an 11-year-old boy infected with Alpha, Delta and Omicron

A young boy from Belgium has tested positive for coronavirus three times since the start of the pandemic. Contaminated each time by a different variant, it suffers from being kept successively in quarantine.

The third quarantine was too much for Léon, 11, a resident of Kessel-Lo, near Louvain, as Belgian radio Radio 2 tells us, which relayed this story like no other.

And for good reason: infected by Alpha, Delta and then Omicron, this sad record forced him to isolate himself and live on the fringes of his friends.

“Léon’s school had to close its doors for a week. There was a lot of contamination,” his father, Tim Knockaert, told Radio 2 Flemish Brabant.

Asymptomatic every time

“Some children were sick, but most had no symptoms and felt very well,” he added.

This was also the case for Léon, who has never developed any symptoms of Covid since the start of the health crisis. No more than his two brothers and his parents, also contaminated with the Delta variant. Quarantines thus seem all the more frustrating.

“One of Leon’s brothers has meanwhile tested negative and was able to return to school. The older brother should not carry out a PCR test because he already has a certificate of convalescence from the previous contamination, ”explains Tim Knockaert. “But he can’t go to school because it’s closed. Too many teachers are absent…”

It remains to be hoped for this young person that this solitary confinement will be the last.

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