Monday, May 23

Covid-19. Jean-François Delfraissy predicts a lull in the epidemic around mid-March

Quite a symbol: Jean-François Delfraissy appeared without a mask this morning on the set of France Info, a rare occurrence. In his interview during the morning of the public radio, the president of the Scientific Council thus sketched the end of the tunnel of the fifth wave: “we must still start to see our faces a little bit”, he launched. Nevertheless, he recalled that the current phase of the Covid epidemic was still well underway. According to him, it should “land” around mid-March.

Jean-François Delfraissy felt that there is a “before and after Omicron”. “The Omicron variant is another story” than the first versions of the virus. Indeed, “it is a more transmissible virus but much less severe, much less severe”, he underlined. “So that means that in our software, we have to change”.

A decline in the epidemic differs according to the regions

According to the president of the organization which advises the government in the face of the health crisis, the “wave is not trivial, not over, but it is different, and our management must be different”. The “wave on hospitalization will probably be very heavy until mid-March, it will probably drop a little in the Paris region but this will not be the case everywhere”. “I see things landing more towards mid-March, with a very slow gradual decline in hospitalizations and a number of contaminations which will slowly end up decreasing, with heterogeneity depending on the region”, he continued.

Due to the lesser severity of the cases, “the number of new contaminations no longer has quite the same value as with the previous variants”, he also said.

We can imagine that we (will) spend the spring in not too bad conditions

Asked about the situation in Denmark, where the number of contaminations has started to rise again, perhaps because of the distribution of a sub-variant of Omicron, called BA.2, Jean-François Delfraissy was cautious “If this little cousin of Omicron takes power, that means it is more transmissible, the whole question will be its severity”. “We are looking at it”, “what is its level of gravity? I don’t know,” he admitted.

The President of the Scientific Council, however, ventured to make a forecast for the rest of the epidemic: “We can imagine that we will spend (will) spring in not too bad conditions”. “There will surely be something in the fall” but everything will depend on the “type of variant”. “If it is transmissible and severe again, we would be in a very boring situation again,” he concluded.

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