Wednesday, May 18

Edouard Philippe would make a better president than Emmanuel Macron, according to a majority of French people

Emmanuel Macron in a bad patch. According to Odoxa’s latest political barometer for Public Senate, LCP and the regional press, Edouard Philippe would be considered more competent than the current head of state.

To the question, “Who do you prefer between Edouard Philippe and Emmanuel Macron”, 64% of those polled chose the former Prime Minister.

The one who launched the “Horizons” party in October 2021 is considered more competent (65%), sympathetic (63%) and close to people (54%) than Emmanuel Macron.

As a result of this popularity, 61% of those questioned believe that Edouard Philippe would make a better President of the Republic than Emmanuel Macron (35%), currently in office.

Emmanuel Macron down in popularity

This new confidence in Edouard Philippe could be explained by the decline in popularity of Emmanuel Macron. For the first time since last summer, the President of the Republic has fallen below the 40% mark, according to the barometer ofOdoxa.

The Head of State would pay in particular for his controversial interview with the Parisian during which he had declared that he wanted to “fuck the non-vaccinated”.

As a symbol of this media outing, 76% of French people questioned by Odoxa would see in Emmanuel Macron a more brutal personality than Edouard Philippe.

Tensions between Edouard Philippe and Emmanuel Macron

The common news between the two men has recently been marked by certain tensions. The cause, the canceled merger between “Horizons”, the party of Edouard Philippe and “Agir”, that of Franck Riester, on the orders of Emmanuel Macron.

Indeed, the Elysée would take a dim view of the ambitions of the mayor of Le Havre, although he has announced that he will campaign for Emmanuel Macron in the next presidential election.

Following this delicate episode, Edouard Philippe announced on January 19 that the “incident” was “closed”.

He thus reactivated his conditional participation in the common house of the majority.

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