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Evan Rachel Wood accuses Marilyn Manson of raping her while filming

In the HBO documentary “Phoenix Rising”, American actress Evan Rachel Wood (“Westworld”) accuses her former boyfriend, singer Marilyn Manson, of having raped her in 2007, during the filming of the clip for “Heart-Shaped Glasses “.

“We had talked about a simulated sex scene. But when the cameras were rolling, he started to really penetrate me, ”says the young woman. “I never agreed to that,” she insists. An actress since childhood, she explains that she “never[t] couldn’t say no”, because she had “been conditioned and trained never to answer, to go to the end at all costs”.

Evan Rachel Wood had started dating Marilyn Manson – real name Brian Warner – in 2006, when she was only 18, while Manson was 37. “I was coerced into a sexual act business under a false pretense. (…) I was raped in front of a camera”, she says, describing a film crew “very embarrassed” by the situation. Marilyn Manson then, she says, pressured her to assure reporters that there was no real sex scene during filming.

The actress had already made it known in 2018 before Congress that she had been the victim of sexual assault, without however revealing the identity of her attacker. In a post on Feb. 1, 2021, the Thirteen star confirmed she was talking about the singer at the time. She also claimed that Brian Warner had “psychologically manipulated” her and “subjected to horrific abuse for years”.

Not the only victim

Last year, the police opened an investigation into accusations of violence committed between 2009 and 2011 within the framework of the Warner/Wood couple. But several other women, like actress Esmé Bianco (seen in Game of Thrones), have also accused Marilyn Manson of rape and other assaults. Acts that the musician denies having committed.

According to the complaint filed with a California court, Esmé Bianco had twice been invited to Los Angeles by Marilyn Manson in view of a job. But she says she instead suffered acts of sexual violence, also claiming to have been slashed, whipped and electrocuted by Marilyn Manson.

The record company Loma Vista Recordings and the artistic agency CAA broke their contract with the singer, but the latter continues to record music, as evidenced by his participation in the album Donda by Kanye West.

Presented this year at the Sundance festival, le documentaire « Phoenix Rising » began filming in 2019, when Wood joined forces with other domestic abuse survivors to lobby for a change in the statute of limitations on the matter. A project carried out since the Phoenix Act was adopted in California, thus increasing the limitation period from three to five years, and requiring law enforcement to undergo training to know how to take charge of these specific cases.

“Horrible things can happen to you. But you are able to rise from your ashes. That’s why I call this law the Phoenix Act. I think we can recover from a tragedy, sometimes stronger than we were before,” explained Evan Rachel Wood when presenting his bill to Congress.

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