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Fellesforbundet demands a solid pay rise

People should get more in their wallets, demands Fellesforbundet, which will prioritize increased purchasing power in this year’s wage settlement.

Fellesforbundet’s leader Jørn Eggum will demand increased purchasing power in this year’s wage settlement.

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On Tuesday, the federal board adopted the union’s demands for this year’s collective bargaining agreement. After two lean years, the salary will increase, is modest.

– When prices rise without a wage lagging behind, companies make good money. We have had moderate settlements, while many companies earn very well. Now it is the workers’ turn to get their share of the cake, says union leader Jørn Eggum.

The last two wage settlements have been marked by the corona crisis. Fellesforbundet and LO entered into settlements with demands to secure purchasing power. Eggum points out that inflation in 2021 was higher than expected, and that people therefore have less left to deal with even after the wage supplements.

Requirements list

Fellesforbundet will demand:

* The wage supplements as a krone supplement, not as a percentage supplement.

* Special supplements for the lowest paid. New ways of calculating low-wage supplements are being considered to ensure a fairer settlement.

* Raising the wage rates of the agreements, which secures the floor in the industries.

* Rates for food allowance must be increased.

The specific financial requirements will be promoted when the wage settlement starts and depends on the final figures for last year’s wage and price growth.

Clubs, departments and industries that Fellesforbundet organizes have participated in a discussion since last autumn about what should be prioritized in this year’s main settlement, and the feedback is clear that it is kroner and øre that applies.

– We will negotiate a settlement that the competitive sector has the backing to bear, and we will do so at the same time as purchasing power will increase. People should get more back in their wallets. The demands that were adopted today come as a result of a broad work in the entire association, says Eggum.

Education and welfare leave

In addition, Fellesforbundet will emphasize that there will be a continuing and further education reform, strengthened gender equality – among other things that employers will provide adapted workwear, and that initiatives will be taken for broader schemes for short welfare leave.

Fellesforbundet is also in favor of a union-wide settlement – ie front-line settlement, which is normal. Negotiations between Fellesforbundet and the other party Norsk Industri on the employer side are perhaps more important this year than ever, Eggum believes.

– The restrictions and measures during the pandemic have created an imbalance between industries, and inequality between employees. We must correct this imbalance without losing competitiveness, says the union leader.

– Therefore, we need a settlement where Fellesforbundet and Norsk Industri set the norm for wage formation in society. That is the task of the front subject.

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