Tuesday, May 17

Gasoline prices hit new records

The prices of gasoline, diesel and super are currently reaching peaks and are weighing on the daily lives of the French.

While the French are wondering how they will finish the end of the month, the government is preparing to increase the amount of mileage allowances for the 2.5 million taxpayers who pay taxes and declare real expenses.

Their scale could be reviewed in the coming days.

This Monday, diesel reached an average of 1.6540 euros per liter, or 3.26 cents more than the previous week, according to weekly figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition stopped on Friday.

The liter of super SP95 was at 1.7249 euros and the SP98 at 1.7854 euros, or +1.80 cents in both cases.

Same trend for all other fuels: 1.6992 per liter of super SP95-E10 (+1.71 cents) and even


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