Friday, May 27

Iran: Frenchman Benjamin Brière sentenced to 8 years in prison for “espionage”

Benjamin Brière, a Frenchman detained in Iran since May 2020, was sentenced on Tuesday January 25 to eight years in prison for “espionage”. His lawyer denounced “a masquerade of trial”.

The Frenchman was also given another eight-month sentence for “propaganda” against the Iranian regime.

In May 2021, Benjamin Brière’s sister wrote an open letter to Emmanuel Macron, calling on the French president to do everything to obtain the release of this 30-year-old, imprisoned according to her “without foundation” and become an “instrument of negotiations which exceed him “.

According to Me Dehghan, his lawyer, the Frenchman was the subject of two other charges which were not finally accepted at the end of the investigation: “corruption on Earth”, one of the most under the Iranian penal code, punishable by death, and consumption of alcohol, punishable by flogging.

Benjamin Brière, born in 1985, is accused of espionage for “photographs of prohibited areas” taken with a drone in a natural park in Iran. According to his sister, he was arrested while crossing the Islamic Republic of Iran as a tourist, on the occasion of a long trip in a converted van started in 2018.

Last December, his family announced that he had decided to go on a hunger strike to denounce the conditions of his detention.

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