Sunday, May 22

Ireland: two men would have brought the body of a relative to the post office to pocket his pension

Two men are suspected by the Irish police of having transported the lifeless body of another man to the post office in order to collect his pension.

The scene took place Friday morning in Carlow, located southeast of Dublin (Ireland), reported theIrish Times.

One of the two attendants told the newspaper Sunday World that the pensioner “was alive when we left the house”.

According to Irish media, the two men had previously submitted a request to the bank for the retirement pension in place of the pensioner because he was ill. They were then refused.

Any criminal act excluded

“We had to lift him up and take him to the post office, but he never got his money back,” said one, firmly denying that the death had taken place before. “He probably died at the post office,” said one of the men.

The post-mortem examination of the man, believed to be 66, ruled out any foul play.

Police in Ireland said in a statement on Monday that they were investigating the events at the post office.

According to the Irish Times, the deceased lived about 500 yards from the post office and police are investigating “what condition” he was in when he was taken from his home to the business.

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