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Livret A, RSA, APL… Here is the calendar of all revaluations in 2022

Several benefits have been revised upwards from January 1, 2022. For others, such as family allowances or unemployment, it will be necessary to wait a little longer. Here’s what you can expect in 2022.

The first day of the year is always synonymous with change. 1is January notably saw the SMIC revalued, going from 10.48 euros gross/hour to 10.57 (+ 0.9%).

The solidarity allowance for the elderly (ASPA) has also increased by 1.1%, as has the daily allowance for caregivers (AJPA), aligned with the minimum wage, which now amounts to 58.59 euros per day.

1is February: booklet A

In February, the remuneration of the livret A should follow inflation. After stagnating at 0.50% at the start of 2020, it will be revalued to reach 1%.

Its particularly low interest rate has made it a savings solution shunned by the French, who would have filled it less in 2021 according to the Caisse des dépôts, all the more because of the health crisis.

1is April: family benefits

The date of 1is April is dedicated to the revaluation of family benefits. Family allowances, the free choice of childcare supplement and the birth bonus should actually increase slightly in 2022.

Key date, also, for the RSA, the disabled adult allowance (AAH), the specific solidarity allowance, the activity bonus or even disability pensions, the increase of which will be calculated according to inflation.

1is July: unemployment benefits

We will know more about the increase – or not – of unemployment benefits on the next July. This is decided during the Unédic Board of Directors, which traditionally meets in June.

1is October: housing benefits

All housing aid (APL, family housing allowance and social housing allowance) will follow the same method of revaluation in 2022.

A formula based on the evolution of the rent reference index (IRL), average of the evolution of consumer prices over the last twelve months. In 2021, the revaluation amounted to 0.42%.

1is November: supplementary pension

Finally, the last key date of 2022 for former private sector employees: the indexation of the Agirc-Arrco schemes is set for November.

The amount should be known a few weeks before the deadline (1% in 2021 expected).

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