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Odds new coach and sports manager presented – comes for free from NFF

SKIEN (VG) Pål Arne Johansen (44) will be the Odd coach for the next three years. He costs zero kroner to redeem based on the contract with the Norwegian Football Association.

PACOTIRSDAG: Player developer Amir, sports manager Morten Rønningen, coach Pål Arne Johansen, board chairman Trond Haukvik and general manager Einar Håndlykken during Tuesday’s presentation.

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This is confirmed by NFF’s elite director Lise Klaveness and general manager Einar Håndlykken to VG.

– We have been concerned with facilitating a quick transition for Paco when he first expresses that he wants this. This is an attitude we have towards all our age-specific national team coaches in cases where they receive offers from attractive clubs they want to join. We want our coaches to develop as much as possible and share their experiences from international football to club Norway, and then we know that the transitions must go fast if it is first a question of the head coach job at the top level, says Klaveness.

The appointment was announced by Odd Monday night, and on Tuesday Johansen met the media about his new job.

The 44-year-old usually goes by the name “Paco” and takes over immediately, but will carry out some remaining “projects” in his job as U-national team coach in NFF.

At the same time, we must secure the interests of the national teams, in Paco’s case G19, which will be involved in important matches this winter, as well as the projects he is part of in the NFF. We have therefore had several conversations with Odd about this, Klaveness states and refers to a G19 gathering in February.

– Odd in the Eliteserien will be a black and white splash of color, proclaims Johansen – who has taken two U-national teams to the playoffs in his years as a coach.

He says his three interests in life are football, people and football people. Since 2008, Paco will be only the third coach in Odd after Dag-Eilev Fagermo and recently deposed Jan Frode Nornes. The latter was a long-time assistant under Fagermo and was promoted when the old manager went to Vålerenga before the 2020 season.

When asked if the Paco appointment means a kind of ham change for football in Odd, general manager Einar Håndlykken answers as follows:

– That’s it. We have wanted to renew ourselves. We want to reverse a downward curve and need fresh and new blood. Without us throwing everything we have driven on the boat, says Håndlykken.

The club’s sports manager Morten Rønningen – well known in Odd circles – was also presented.

– A strong footballer, who has had most of the jobs in Odd, and some claim that he has all the jobs in Odd. In Morten Rønningen, we get the best sports manager we could have, says chairman Trond Haukvik.

He describes it as “Dream Team” with the company Rønningen and Paco.

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