Sunday, May 15

Odds new coach and sports manager presented

SKIEN (VG) Pål Arne Johansen (44) will be the Odd coach for the next three years.

PACOTIRSDAG: Player developer, sports manager Morten Rønningen, coach Pål Arne Johansen, board chairman Trond Haukvik and general manager Einar Håndlykken during Tuesday’s presentation.

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It was announced by Odd on Monday night, and on Tuesday Johansen met the media about his new job.

The 44-year-old most often goes by the name “Paco” and takes over immediately, but will carry out some remaining “projects” in his job as U-national team coach in NFF, according to general manager Einar Håndlykken.

The club’s sports manager Morten Rønningen – well known in Odd circles – was also presented.

– A strong footballer, who has had most of the jobs in Odd, and some claim that he has all the jobs in Odd. In Morten Rønningen, we get the best sports manager we could have, says chairman Trond Haukvik.

He describes it as “Dream Team” with the company Rønningen and Paco.

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