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Presidential 2022. Immigration: the growth factor that politicians do not want to see

Until the presidential election of April 2022, we invite you to participate each week in thematic debates, enriched with testimonies and reports. To animate these debates, we have decided to rely on 30 great witnesses who live, live and work in our region. They are retired, salaried, head of department, guide, social worker, student, accountant, optician in charge of business, teacher… Women, men from the Rhône, the Loire, the Haute-Loire, who have agreed to become the great witnesses of this presidential election for Le Progrès.

By joining the work of our editorial staff during the months that separate us from the first round of April 10, 2022, our Great Witnesses can thus, in our newspaper (every Tuesday) and on, express their ideas, their opinions and their feelings on the themes running through the campaign. Debate, testify, give their opinion on the proposals of such and such a candidate.

Some of them may even be called upon to meet the candidates as part of the “Faced with the candidates” that we will be organizing.

You too, alongside these great witnesses, are invited to discuss these themes on

Our new component developed today, “Is immigration a solution to deal with the labor shortage?”, presents and gathers testimonials from employees with an immigrant background, liberal professions, and trainers, who welcome trainees of all profiles and all countries. By approaching it mainly under the prism of identity and security, the presidential candidates ignore the economic issue of immigration while sectors lack manpower. Immigrants are a growth factor, say employers and several economists.

Undeclared work in the construction industry in Lyon: “At the slightest complaint, they are fired from the sites”

“What I’ve been through, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Fal, a Guinean who arrived in Lyon in 2018, at the age of 16, claims to have become the “slave” of a tiler, found in the directory, with whom he completed a first year of apprenticeship.
In principle, without right of residence, no work permit. But some bosses, especially in the construction industry, find it in their interest to employ them illegally. We met some of his employees in Lyon.

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In the Loire, Gabriele, an Italian doctor, performs surgery in Saint-Etienne

In November 2008, Gabriele Barabino left his port of Genoa behind to anchor in Saint-Etienne where he practices as a surgeon specializing in visceral, digestive surgery and digestive oncology.

When he arrives, he can only pronounce two words: yes and no. A month of films, of readings later, other words enter his vocabulary. He took the opportunity to enroll at the University of Lyon and obtain a master’s degree in surgery.

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