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Swedish match winner in tears: – I got a blackout

BRATISLAVA (VG) (Sweden-Norway 24-23) He really should not have played in the European Championships. The tears came when Valter Chrintz set the decisive penalty and lowered Norway.

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– Everything happened so fast. I do not remember what happened. I got blacked out. Do not remember that I set the penalty or that I ran home, says Valter Chrintz to VG.

The tears came after he put the ball in behind a Torbjørn Bergerud who had saved three penalties earlier in the round.

– I experience Valter as a small type of winner. He is often where it is decided. Wonderful boy, describes Glenn Solberg. Sweden’s Norwegian national team manager sent the 21-year-old forward to take the throw that could decide the match

– I was tired, it had been a tough match and a lot happens at home for me. Much that my family and I have to endure. We fight every day. Close relatives have passed away and close relatives who are ill. Of course I’m thinking of them. Today I played for the family, says the young boy from Kristianstad in the far south of Sweden.

THANKS THE HERO: The big star Jim Gottfridson cheers with the penalty hero Valter Chrintz.

The tears also touched Glenn Solberg.

– It’s cozy. Great to see. He is a good boy who gives a lot of energy to the team, describes the national team manager from Drammen.

The blue and yellows were behind with six goals just before the break. But won the second half 15-9 and the last six minutes 5-0.

– In the locker room, we said during the break that we had put ourselves in the shit. Only ourselves could take us out of it too. We did the best we could and today it went. We should never have put ourselves in that situation, but with a strong team spirit we took the match in the end, says Chrintz.

– Norway led the whole match, says the right wing who plays daily in Füchse Berlin.

– We are calm, have plans and very good communication. We all make a good match today, Solberg believes and says that “bigger miracles have happened” before in handball.

It was Kiel star Niclas Ekberg who was to rule the Swedish right wing. Chrintz was a third choice. But the corona cases have turned many things upside down in the Swedish team.

COACH CONGRATULATIONS: Christian Berge (right) and Glenn Solberg at the press conference after the match.

– It is very nice that Valter comes in and performs like this after he should have been a reserve. It is very nice. We have a great width and a team that is safe and good to get to. I experience that a lot of people come into our team and perform immediately, says Glenn Solberg.

Christian Berge took Norway to four semi-finals, two World Cup silver and one European Championship bronze from 2016 to 2020. But in the last 13 months, the success has stopped.

Norway lost the World Cup and Olympic quarterfinals in 2021 and managed for the third championship in a row not to reach the semifinals. Berge has been connected to the new major investment in Kolstad since the summer and has been unclear whether he will continue as national team manager until the contract expires in 2025.

Glenn Solberg was his assistant until the breakthrough in 2016. But then he chose to leave when he was not allowed to combine the job for Norway with the coaching job at the club.

– Do you want to become Norwegian national team manager once?

– No, I have a dream of leading Sweden to gold in a championship. That’s my goal.

– Do you feel a little sorry for Norway?

– No I do not. I’ve been with them. It’s a little special. very nice boys and a nice bunch. So in that sense, it is very fun to show that I beat them.

On Wednesday, Denmark, France and Iceland will settle for the two semi-final places in the second main round. The loser will be Norway’s opponent in the battle for 5th place on Friday.

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