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“To find you”: Laetitia Milot star of a moving TV movie on autism

This Tuesday, January 25, M6 offers a special evening on autism, including the program “To find you”, a TV movie with Laetitia Milot.

This “societal fiction”, as the channel describes it, deals with the tensions experienced by a couple in the face of “unexpected, unfair and sometimes incomprehensible situations, linked to the disability of their autistic boy”. Laëtitia Milot and Assad Bouaad play Marion and Alexis, two recently separated parents who meet only for the needs of their 11-year-old son Lucas, who has autism.

When one morning the little boy disappears from the family home, Marion and Alexis plunge into unbearable anguish. The situation will force them to ignore what separated them… “out of love for their ‘different’ child”.

Anita Rowan – who participated in the development of fiction series for television (“Grown ups”, “Plan C”) – was inspired by her experience as the mother of an autistic child to co-write the screenplay for “Pour find you”.

As Laëtitia Milot confided in an interview with Télé Star, none of the actors in the TV movie is however really suffering from autism. “An autistic person needs to keep a certain routine in his life, his days. Which is not compatible with filming, where there are a lot of people”, explained the actress who, to prepare for her role, said she had read a lot on the subject and had “immersed herself in the incredible film and so overwhelming by Eglantine Eméyé”, namely the heartbreaking “My son, my battle”.

A special evening on the program

“What seems the hardest thing to me as a mother is that with an autistic child, physical connections are almost impossible. No question of hugging them too tightly, “added Laetitia Milot, who says she was seduced by” the story of this couple who are torn because they do not have the same vision of the education of their son, but who must fight together to find their child”.

Note that on the occasion of the broadcast of the TV movie “To find yourself again”, this Tuesday January 25 at 9:10 p.m., M6 will continue to devote its evening to autism, with a debate presented by Flavie Flament, as well as a documentary unpublished “Autistic child, and after? “, the sequel to a documentary made a few years ago, in which viewers will find young autistic people and their families.

Flavie Flament (who will also be the host of Stars à domicile, on February 18 on TF1) will host the actors Laëtitia Milot and Samuel Le Bihan, himself the father of an autistic daughter and founder of Autisme Info Service, Isabelle Rolland, president of the association Autistes sans frontières and Richard Delorme, head of the child and adolescent psychiatry department at the Robert Debré hospital in Paris.

Autism is manifested in particular by disorders of social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication and stereotyped and repetitive behaviors. It would affect nearly 700,000 people in France, but only 75,000 are diagnosed with autism and taken care of.

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