Wednesday, May 18

Twitter: here’s how to associate an NFT with your profile picture

You have an NFT and you don’t know what to do with it yet? Twitter offers the beginning of a solution by allowing you to associate an image, edited in the form of a non-fungible token, with your profile picture.

A first which however remains reserved, for the time being, for Twitter Blue subscribers (the premium and paid version of the social network)… Provided you also have an iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

In a short video published on the official account of Twitter Blue, we can thus see that it is almost as easy to add an NFT on the photo of his profile as to change photo for a classic Twitter user.

You still need to have a cryptocurrency wallet and hold a visual NFT in your wallet (MetaMask or CoinBase in particular). You must also link your account to allow the NFT algorithm to be transferred so that it is displayed in good and due form.

If the idea in itself is to offer another good publicity stunt for the Twitter Blue subscription formula, it also gives a first showcase to NFTs on the social network.

Soon on Facebook and Instagram?

However, Twitter’s initiative has been the subject of criticism, particularly from Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire behind the firms SpaceX and Tesla. Yet a great advocate of cryptocurrencies and one of the first owners of NFTs, he lamented that “Twitter spends engineering resources on this function while crypto-asset scammers can use bots to spam every thread!? “.

Still, Twitter is not the only social network intending to develop this type of option around NFTs. According to Financial Times their arrival is also imminent on the social networks of the Meta group (Face and Instagram).

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