Thursday, May 19

Another critical day for Boris Johnson

Question Time on Wednesday is likely to be a cross-examination of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The so-called Partygate scandal continues to roll.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has another tough day ahead of him in the British Parliament.

Question time on Wednesdays is usually a weekly highlight in the British Parliament. This week it will be marked by tough questions about the Partygate scandal.

Johnson and the circle around him held parties and gatherings while England was shut down due to the corona pandemic. This is revealed in a steady stream of leaks. During these shutdowns, larger social gatherings were illegal.

Awaiting report

Johnson has lamented some of the incidents – but sometimes with reservations. He claimed that he thought a garden party in the prime minister’s residence in May 2020 was a job event. The invitation contained an invitation to bring your own alcohol.

The Prime Minister says he does not want to anticipate the course of events. The official Sue Gray is working on an investigation of the events. She will determine both whether Johnson and his staff have broken the rules, and whether Johnson has lied to Parliament.

On Tuesday, the case took another turn. Police in London have begun investigating the parties, both in Downing Street and in the Whitehall government quarter. Johnson has promised that he will cooperate with the police.

Rebellion against Johnson

It was first reported that the publication of Grays’ investigation report would be postponed due to the police investigation. On Tuesday, several British media received signals that the report may come as early as Wednesday or Thursday. ITV News’ political editor, Robert Peston, experiences that it will be “very unpleasant reading for the prime minister and conservative MPs”.

The scandal has led to a nascent revolt against Johnson in the Conservative Party. Several parliamentarians have stated that they do not trust the Prime Minister. It is assumed that more people are waiting for the investigation report from Sue Gray before they decide.

If 54 or more parliamentarians express distrust of the Prime Minister, there will be a leadership election. The fate of Boris Johnson can be sealed in a few days.

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