Saturday, May 21

Around 40 evacuated after a large fire in an apartment building in Hamar

It is burning heavily in an apartment building in the center of Hamar. Around 40 people have been evacuated due to smoke, and residents in the area have been asked to close their windows.

The police were notified of the fire at 22.53 on Wednesday. It is about an apartment building on the corner of Vangsvegen and Grønnegata, which among other things houses an optician’s shop, writes Hamar Arbeiderblad.

The fire has affected two apartments. It is unclear what caused it.

The police have obtained an overview of four registered people who live at the address, and got in touch with three of them, says operations manager Per Solberg to the newspaper. It is believed that the fourth has not been in the building.

The smoke caused by the fire creates problems. The hotel Astoria and other neighboring buildings have been evacuated, and according to HA, the smoke is visible several kilometers away.

– We have not received the exact number, but there are between 30 and 38 who have been withdrawn from the hotel due to smoke, Solberg tells NTB.

In addition, three people living in a neighboring building in the quarter have been evacuated, and the total number is thus around 40, according to Solberg.

The evacuees have been offered a place at another hotel in the city via Hamar municipality.

The fire brigade works night to Thursday with extinguishing. There is a danger of spreading.

– There are buildings close by, so we can not rule out the danger of spreading, says Solberg.

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