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Everyday life. Do you charge your phone all night? It’s a bad idea

A mobile phone battery that does not last long enough is often one of the first problems that arise when the device is no longer young, and there is no miracle solution to give new life to a new one. a faulty battery. On the other hand, you may make a mistake every night which, in the long run, risks eating away at the autonomy of your smartphone.

Why you shouldn’t charge it overnight

We often have the habit of plugging in our smartphone when we go to bed, and leaving it like that all night to get up with a 100% battery before starting our day. This way of doing things was probably the most practical for the first cell phones, which could take more than four hours to recharge, but it is no longer relevant today. Current smartphones have indeed a much faster charge, often between one and two hours.

If you leave it plugged in for the duration of your sleep, your phone will therefore continue to charge constantly, even once 100% has been reached. In addition to the expenditure of electricity that this generates, these mini-charges that keep the battery at maximum can damage it in the long run.

Keep the battery between 20 and 80%

Some sites recommend keeping the battery always between 20 and 80%, others say 30 and 80% or even 40 and 80%. One thing is certain: it is better to avoid letting your phone completely empty and to charge it to 100%. This trick is counter-intuitive, we would rather tend to favor complete recharge cycles. However, the battery wears out more quickly when it is in one of the two extremes. Staying at an average level therefore allows you to spare your device.

Make several short charges rather than one long one

This is why it is recommended to do several small charges during the day rather than a single long charge. For this, it may be necessary to use an external battery, which allows you to connect your phone anywhere when you are not at home.

To replace your long overnight charge, if your phone takes less time to charge than it takes to get ready in the morning, plug it in when you wake up. If you are too fast for him, put him in charge for a while in the evening before going to bed, and finish in the morning when you get up.

Do not leave your charger on the socket all the time

Just as you should not charge your device all night, it is better not to leave the charger plugged in all day. This time it is not advice to preserve the autonomy of your phone, but a habit that is still good to take. True, a plugged-in charger expends electricity even if it is not charging anything, but this is a tiny amount of energy, as calculated by the website Knowledge of energies. Unplugging your charger after each use remains a good reflex, just as it is advisable not to leave too many devices plugged in at all times, to minimize the risk of overheating or short-circuiting, for example in the event of a storm.


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