Sunday, May 22

Gérard Larcher: “Purchasing power and health are the first two questions of the French”

Guest of the morning of CNEWS this Wednesday, Gérard Larcher, President of the Senate, estimated that “purchasing power and health are the first two questions of the French”.

This is why he considers that a “policy, in particular in the direction of purchasing power” is “indispensable”. Especially since this subject is posed “in a context of resumption of inflation, not simply linked to the cost of energy”, he underlines.

Take action on wages

Returning to the 10% increase in the mileage allowance scale, announced by Jean Castex this Tuesday, January 25, the President of the Senate believes that the government’s action, “which will still cost 400 million euros”, is “divided, announced piecemeal”.

As a reminder, faced with soaring fuel prices, the executive decided initially to distribute “anti-inflation” checks of 100 euros to 38 million French people, to block or curb the prices of gas and electricity. electricity and finally to reassess the scale of the mileage allowance for taxable households who declare their professional expenses.

The President of the Senate pleads more for direct measures on wages, and cites Valérie Pécresse, LR presidential candidate, as an example. Among the latter’s commitments are thus a 10% salary increase and the “repurchase of RTT without limitation”. Proposals that Gérard Larcher, also a member of the Republicans, judges in agreement with the main concerns of the French.

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