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LIVE – Coronavirus: “We are not yet at the peak” of the Omicron wave, warns Gabriel Attal

As hospital pressure stabilizes, the government unveiled the timetable for the easing of restrictive measures on Thursday January 20. Follow here all the news related to the health situation in France and around the world.


“We can hope to see the epidemic decline in the coming weeks,” said Gabriel Attal, government spokesman after the Council of Ministers. However, Omicron is still circulating and the peak has not yet been reached, he points out.


Nearly two-thirds of people who tested positive for Covid-19 in January in England said they had already been infected with the coronavirus, shows a study from Imperial college London published on Wednesday.


Denmark intends to lift its anti-Covid restrictions on February 1 despite a record number of new cases, judging its high vaccination coverage sufficient in the face of the lesser severity of the Omicron variant, the government announced in a letter made public on Wednesday.

“I wish (…) that the categorization of Covid-19 as a disease threatening for society will be abolished from February 1, 2022”, writes the Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke, which leads de facto to the lifting of all the national restrictions currently in force such as wearing a mask or the early closing of bars and restaurants.


An Australian military ship where an outbreak of Covid-19 appeared docked in Tonga on Wednesday to land the emergency aid expected by this South Pacific archipelago devastated by an eruption and a tsunami.

Tongan Minister of Health Saia Piukala said the crew of HMAS Adelaide will unload their cargo “without contact”, in accordance with the drastic measures in force in this isolated kingdom of 100,000 inhabitants which remains one of the few countries in the world still spared. by the coronavirus.

Adelaide is transporting around 80 tonnes of basic necessities including some 250,000 liters of water, medical kits and technical equipment, as part of an international aid effort to help the kingdom isolated after the eruption of 15 January which caused a tsunami and covered the archipelago with toxic ash.


The level of risk linked to the Omicron variant remains very high, estimated the World Health Organization (WHO) in its weekly bulletin, the number of Covid-19 contaminations having reached a new record last week.

“Based on currently available data, the overall risk associated with Omicron remains very high,” the organization warned.

“More than 21 million new cases have been recorded (in the past seven days), which is the highest number of weekly cases recorded since the start of the pandemic,” she said.

The organization said the number of new cases had increased by 5% over the past week, compared to 20% the previous week. The overall incidence rate is increasing “slower”, however, she said.


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