Tuesday, May 24

Marie-Amélie Le Fur: the triple Paralympic champion found her forgotten prosthesis in the RER

His call for help was heard. Marie-Amélie Le Fur found her leg prosthesis, which she had accidentally forgotten in a RER C train, this Tuesday, thanks to the mobilization of Internet users.

His misadventure happened to him in the middle of the day. After getting on the RER C at Choisy-le-Roi, in the direction of Versailles Chantier, the disabled athlete got off about twenty minutes later at the Pont de l’Alma station. But without his prosthesis essential to his practice of athletics.

The three-time Paralympic champion then immediately threw a bottle into the sea to find her. “Has anyone seen my sports prosthesis? Train RER C, direction Versailles Chantier…”, she had posted on her Twitter account.

And the technique worked. While the message was relayed several hundred times, her prosthesis was quickly found and Marie-Amélie Le Fur was able to recover it less than 24 hours after it was forgotten.

“Delighted to announce that thanks to your mobilization my prosthesis has been located! What a relief. Thank you all! Thank you to the agents of the RER C for their reactivity”, she wrote, this Wednesday, accompanied by a photo of her precious object which she should now monitor even more.


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