Thursday, May 19

Morning stress can ruin the rest of the day. Some simple steps can help.

The mother of three Sara Lossius (40) swears by a few simple steps to have a nice morning.

– You want more than you can get. The toddler period in life often does not get you everything, but you can always get something done, says Lossius. She helps her daughter Elly (8) find shoes.

With three children aged two, six and eight who are going to kindergarten and primary school, everyday life is hectic enough for Sara Lossius and Jon Birkelund (41).

Last year, Lossius started thinking about what it takes for the morning to be good and not so stressful. A good start to the day can ensure that the rest of the day is also good. But how small steps does it really take to have a nice and less stressful morning?

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