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Popular primary: why is a credit card number required to vote?

Left-wing voters are invited from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 January to vote for their favorite candidate in the left-wing primary. If 468,895 people are registered, some were cooled off when asked for bank details.

Indeed, if registration is free, voters are responsible for entering their credit card information. The purpose of this request: to fight against fraud. Despite this explanation, potential participants chose not to take part in this popular Primary.

Total data protection

Voters are asked to accept a temporary authorization to debit one euro from their bank card, in order to verify its authenticity.

However, no debit will be made. “Once the transaction is completed by our secure provider, banking information is instantly deleted and not stored,” the Primary organization said on its website. site.

The organizers have also assured that they did not have access to bank data. Payment card imprints are not kept legibly and cannot be reused to make payments.

Questioned by Next Inpact, the National Commission for Information and Freedoms (Cnil) admitted that the purpose was legitimate. She nevertheless clarified that the collection of a bank card number had never been required or imposed for the Primary of the left.

Seven candidates

In all, seven left-wing personalities will be submitted to the votes of the participants: Charlotte Marchandise, Christiane Taubira, Anna Agueb-Porterie, Pierre Larrouturou, but also Anne Hidalgo, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Yannick Jadot, the three yet invested by their respective party.

It should be noted that these last three did not wish to be put to the vote. During a meeting in Bordeaux, the leader of rebellious France felt that there was “better to do than an obscure primary”. The party had even asked that the name of Jean-Luc Mélenchon be withdrawn from the ballot.

On January 30, the candidate for the popular Primary will still be invested. “We will know the person around whom we will call to gather, even without his agreement,” Samuel Grzybowski, spokesperson for the Popular Primary, told AFP.

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