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Presidential 2022. The calendar and the obligations to be invested as a candidate for the Elysée

Sponsorships: March 4 last deadline

The publication this Thursday of the decree convening voters will officially start the race for sponsorships, even if the contenders for the Elysée have already collected “promises” in recent months.

The nearly 42,000 elected officials, including around 34,000 mayors, will have until Friday March 4 at 6 p.m. to send to the Constitutional Council, by post only, the official form and envelope that they will receive from the State.

Each elected official is entitled to one sponsorship and 500 are required to be a formal candidate. The President of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, will announce the final list of candidates Monday, March 7, about a month before the first round on April 10.

Well-known sponsors

During the more than 5 open weeks to collect sponsorships, i.e. two more than in 2017, the Constitutional Council will gradually publish on its website the names of the sponsors and the names of the candidates to whom they are sponsoring. He will do this twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday.

Before 2017, it published only 500 names of elected officials drawn by lot and after the establishment of the final list of candidates.

Assets to be declared

In accordance with the organic law of September 15, 2017, candidates not only have the obligation to have 500 signatures, but also to submit a declaration of financial situation and a declaration of interests and activities.

They must submit it at the latest March 4 to the Constitutional Council, which will forward it to the High Authority for the Transparency of Public Life, which will be responsible for publishing it “at least fifteen days” before the first round.

This same law obliges the President of the Republic to also file with the Constitutional Council “a declaration of the financial situation” at the end of his term of office. That of Emmanuel Macron was published in the official journal on December 9.

Announcement of results

The Constitutional Council is responsible for verifying and announcing the results of the presidential election. Its president will release the verified results of the first round Wednesday, April 13, as well as the names of the two candidates running for the second round on April 24.

Laurent Fabius will proclaim the president elected “without doubt” Wednesday, April 27. He will proceed later to the solemn reading of the results during the investiture ceremony of the new president at the Elysée “at the latest on Friday May 13 “, date of the official end of the mandate of the outgoing Emmanuel Macron.

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