Tuesday, May 24

Society. Ehpad Orpea: “15 million euros” offered to the journalist who carried out the investigation to buy his silence

The journalist Victor Castanet, author of “Les Fossoyeurs”, a book on the actions of the company Orpea, manager of Ehpad in France, received pressure not to publish his investigation: in particular the sum of 15 million euros. euros to buy his silence.

The group is implicated in this book which appears this Wednesday at Fayard, and of which Le Monde published the “good sheets” on Monday.

The author describes a system where hygiene care, medical care, and even residents’ meals are “rationed” to improve the company’s profitability. And this while stays are charged at full price.

“It was a long and difficult investigation. I received pressure and threats from the group but also from people who took part in this investigation. Sources who, overnight, after being contacted by the group, backtracked,” the journalist told BFMTV.

He said that halfway through his investigation, “not directly but through an intermediary”, he was offered 15 million euros so that he would not publish his investigation.


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