Tuesday, May 24

The Liberal Party asks the city council to demand the Ullevål site back from the state

20 years ago, the municipality of Oslo gave the Ullevål site to the state free of charge for hospital operations. – Now the state will use the plot for housing speculation, then Oslo should demand the plot back, Oslo Venstre believes.

The Liberal Party believes that the state can no longer own the Ullevål site if they are not to use it for hospitals.

The Liberal Party’s Hallstein Bjercke believes that the preconditions for giving the attractive Ullevål plot to the state have been broken. The reason is that the state will close the hospital at Ullevål and build a new hospital at Gaustad instead. To finance a hospital on Gaustad, they will build homes on the Ullevål site.

During the city council meeting on Wednesday, he urged city councilor Raymond Johansen to reclaim the plot.

– The Liberal Party believes it is fair and reasonable that Oslo gets the plot back from the state if it is no longer to be used for hospitals or other public purposes that the city agrees with, he said.

The Liberal Party’s group leader Hallstein Bjercke.

– Earns money from housing speculation

The Ullevål site was transferred from Oslo to the state in 2002. It was in connection with the major hospital reform where the state health trusts were introduced. At that time, ownership of all public hospitals and hospital plots was transferred from the county municipalities to the state.

It was then a prerequisite that the state should run hospitals on these plots, according to Bjercke.

– Now the state would rather use the municipality’s original plot on Ullevål for a giant housing speculation project. Oslo did not give away the plot for the state to make a fortune on housing speculation, said the Liberal politician.

The sale of Ullevål is an important prerequisite for financing the construction of a new hospital at Gaustad. All parties in the city council, except the Conservatives, are opposed to these plans. They want to keep hospital operations at Ullevål.

City councilor Raymond Johansen replied that he did not know the details of the agreement from 2002. He believes it will be “legal food”. But says the city council will follow up the case.

– I agree with Bjercke that this is an important discussion to see if we can realize those values ​​ourselves, Johansen said.

– It is natural to follow it further if you should get into a situation where you apply for re-regulation of the plot, with a view to increasing the value, Johansen said.

Fear plans for state regulation are underway

The Ullevål case was raised by several parties during the meeting. Several parties are very concerned about the signals from Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol last week. She then announced that the government would not reject a state overtaking of Oslo in the Ullevål case.

Rødt’s representative Maren Rismyhr and Frp’s representative Aina Stenersen said that they have heard that the government is already in the process of planning such a state zoning plan.

Rismyhr asked the city council to tell what kind of signals they have received from the government.

Urban Development Agency Hanna Marcussen (MDG) says they have not received any signals so far about whether the government is in the process of moving to a state zoning plan.

The Health Southeast updated zoning plan is currently being processed by the Planning and Building Agency in Oslo. The agency was very critical of the original plans.


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