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Unusual. In this restaurant, customers could show a photo of their dog instead of the health pass

This restaurant located in the Canadian province of Alberta was forced to temporarily close its doors after an unusual discovery by the health department: its services indeed realized that customers could show photos of dogs as evidence vaccination or negative Covid test, as required by legislation in this region, reports CNN.

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A tablet like scanning a QR code

“The Granary Kitchen” therefore had to partially shut down last Friday, for a weekend, after the ministry received complaints and launched an investigation on January 11. During the investigations, the health authorities sent a first false customer, then another, and both were able to enter and dine after showing a photo of a dog and then a personal identity document instead of the officially required papers.

“In both cases, the hostess used a tablet to look like she was scanning a QR code when, in fact, she was presented with a picture of a dog,” the agency said. . “The employee then asked the customer for an identity document”, as if to make sure that it was indeed him, “then offered catering services”, she added.

The owners of the establishment had to take measures to comply with the law. On their Facebook page, they assured that training had been provided to all staff during the two days of closure on how to properly check health passes.

Among the anti-Covid restrictions in use in Alberta, restaurants and bars are required to ask consumers aged 12 and over to present proof of vaccination, a negative Covid test carried out within 72 hours or proof of a medical exemption.

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