Sunday, May 22

Athletics. A new elite competition circuit in France

Twenty dates, twenty events. The French Athletics Federation (300,000 licensees) and Crédit Mutuel (1) announced this week the launch of the Credit Mutuel Athlé Tour which will bring together over the winter and summer seasons the 20 biggest meetings on the national calendar within a new circuit of elite competitions in France. In addition, the mutual bank becomes the new partner of the French teams.

André Giraud, President of the FFA welcomed the strengthening of this collaboration which will continue until the end of 2024: ” the work carried out hand in hand over the past two years has already offered splendid advances to the advantage of our clubs and our licensees; this work will now be extended to both our elite athletes, but also to our regional leagues. This is in line with our federal strategy, the basis of which is the development of the territories “Underlined the boss of the federation.

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Winners in both seasons

Beyond the big dates, the Crédit Mutuel Athlé Tour is also a competition, with its winter and summer winners, which will reward the best athletes by family of events: sprint/hurdles; competition ; middle distance in the winter season, sprint; hedges; middle distance; jumps; launches in the summer season. Sine qua none condition to integrate the final classification of the circuit and claim victory: to have participated in at least two meetings of the winter circuit / three meetings of the summer circuit, as well as in the French championships.

Next meetings this January 29 for the Nevers Top Perch More ; the Meeting Elite Indoor de Nantes ; and the X-Athletics of Aubière.

(1) Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale is the main shareholder of the EBRA group to which your newspaper belongs.

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