Monday, May 16

Camaïeu: the campaign against violence against women is controversial on the networks

While the brand recently launched a communication campaign against violence against women, the latter is far from unanimous.

In question, this shock campaign features on the brand’s website, among other models, women marked here with a cockade, there with a bruise on the neck or chin. Under these photographs, instead of the price, we can read “1 in 10 women are victims of violence. Victims or witnesses dial 3919”.

If the objective is to ring the alarm bell on the violence suffered by women by encouraging them to speak out and pushing witnesses to act, by making the national reference number for women victims of violence better known, the of this campaign carried out by Buzzman is controversial with many Internet users.

An “unwelcome” campaign

“Who exactly do you think you are addressing there?”, Writes one of them on Twitter before adding “the battered woman disguise in 2022 is no”. “We don’t make ourselves up as a woman victim of violence in fact. Make t-shirts to the limit, but stop with your nauseating marketing,” notes another. “Women know way too much. It’s the men that you have to call out to, aren’t you?”, “Do that on the “men’s clothing” section because we already know about it, goodbye”, “but me**e, we’re the ones victims, do a partnership with Celio, right? History of addressing the aggressors”, “This marketing campaign is deplorable, disastrous and dangerous”, can we also read on the blue bird network, among other numerous messages.

Judging the campaign “unwelcome”, some wonder about the reception of these images by women victims of violence when others point the finger at the invisible psychological violence. “Seeing this kind of images can be a very strong trigger for former victims,” notes a user.

If these images are far from unanimous, we can however read some rare less acerbic reactions: “We like it or not, It shocks or not, but it makes people talk. What is most shocking is that women are still victims of it!”, underlines a surfer. “I ask the question very naively, really… but can’t such an operation, with the highlighting of the number etc., encourage a person? I mean seeing a photo like that, realizing that what’s happening is not normal..?” asks another.

A charity operation in parallel

In addition to these shocking images, which it seems are far from having had the desired effect, the brand has also put on sale a t-shirt displaying the number 3919, of which 100% of the profits are donated to the association. SOLFA, which welcomes women victims of violence. “It is with the desire that this number be known to as many women as possible that all of our sales teams will wear it in stores throughout the month of January”, also notes on its website the brand, which offers elsewhere to make cash donations for the benefit of the association. An association that she had supported for several years before this campaign, according to several media.

According to figures from 2019, shared on the government website, “on average the number of women aged 18 to 75, who in the course of a year are victims of physical and/or sexual violence committed by their spouse or ex -spouse is estimated at 213,000 women”. Among these victims, “only 18% say they have filed a complaint with the gendarmerie or the police station”.

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