Thursday, May 19

Counterfeiting: Eric Zemmour sentenced?

The presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is sued this Thursday (2 p.m.) before the Paris court for infringement. The polemicist and his team had published a campaign entry clip with images used without authorization.

He is thus sued by cinema companies and personalities, including Gaumont, Luc Besson, François Ozon, as well as the Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD) for copyright infringement.

The beneficiaries of Marcel Carné and Jacques Prévert and other authors and filmmakers are also among the applicants.

The plaintiffs contest the use by Eric Zemmour and his movement Reconquête! of several excerpts from works of which they hold the economic or moral rights and this without their authorization, in the clip announcing his candidacy for the presidential election, broadcast on November 30 on his YouTube channel.

Over three million views on YouTube

In this clip of about ten minutes, which displays more than three million views, the far-right candidate notably used images from the films “Jeanne d’Arc” by Luc Besson, “Dans la maison” by François Ozon, or the ” Quai des Brumes”, directed by Marcel Carné.

“It is obviously legal relentlessness, we took images, but which lasted a few seconds. I believe that there is case law on this subject, but I am not going to get into legal disputes”, reacted Sunday Eric Zemmour on France 3.

Several media had also strongly protested against the unauthorized use of their images by the candidate, and brandished the threat of legal proceedings.

Eric Zemmour’s campaign clip had been reported by companies and media to the YouTube platform, which decided on December 2 not to remove the video, while prohibiting its access to minors because of images judged violent.

If found guilty of copyright infringement, Eric Zemmour is liable to a fine of 300,000 euros and a prison term of up to three years.

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