Friday, May 20

Cyril Lignac: a film in preparation by the director of “Daft Punk Unchained”

Cyril Lignac, future movie star? For two years, the animator-restaurateur-entrepreneur has been followed by the camera of Hervé Martin-Delpierre, the director of “Daft Punk Unchained”, for a film centered on the many activities of the famous chef.

It must be said that the career of Cyril Lignac is a real novel. A must-see on M6 – where he currently hosts Tous en cuisine and participates in the Meilleur pâtissier – he is today at the head of seven restaurants, five pastries, and a chocolate factory. In 2021, he exported his talents to London where he opened the Bar des Prés. At 44, he has established himself as the face of French gastronomy, and the favorite chef of the French.

In an interview with the site Average+, Matthieu Jean-Toscani, boss of the company Story Plus – which has three production companies (Kitchen Factory, La Famiglia, and Mr. Jean Factory) to its credit – has confirmed the production of this biographical film called Dragon.

A title that refers to the name of the street located in Saint-Germain-des-Prés where three of the restaurants of the chef from Rodez are located (Aux prés, Le Bar des prés, and Dragon). “For the cinema, we are producing Dragon, a biopic on Cyril Lignac which will be released before the summer in 150 theaters in France”, he specifies.

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