Monday, May 16

Disney: the firm responds to Dinklage’s criticism of the dwarfs in Snow White

Guest of the American podcast “WTF” by Marc Maron, the actor of “Game of Thrones”, suffering from dwarfism, had denounced the “backward” representation of dwarfs in the next live-action remake of Snow White.

Disney was quick to respond. On Tuesday, January 25, a spokesperson for the company said so, in a press release sent to “ The Wrap “: “To avoid reinforcing the stereotypes of the original animated film, we are taking a different approach with these seven characters, and we have consulted members of the community of people with dwarfism (…) We are delighted to idea to share more as the film enters production, after a long period of development. »

“Magical Creatures” to replace dwarves

The traditional dwarfs of the cartoon will therefore give way to “magical creatures”. According to the American media, Disney is even currently looking for dubbers to “give them personality”, as reported by the “Huffington Post”. No information has been provided on their appearance, the conversion of their first names or even the cult songs of the cartoon.

The “Game of Thrones” actor had criticized a certain hypocrisy within the film industry. “I don’t want to point a finger at anyone, but I was a little surprised to see their pride in having selected a Latin actress to play Snow White, yet you continue to tell the story of ‘White snow and the seven dwarfs’. Take a step back from what you are doing. It doesn’t make any sense to me,” the actor explained, before continuing, “You’re being progressive on one point, but you keep making this f***ing story about seven dwarfs who live shut up in a cellar, what the fuck are you doing? Have I done nothing to further this cause? I guess my voice doesn’t carry enough. »

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