Friday, May 27

Donald Trump less rich than he claimed before?

The Donald Trump fortune would be estimated, in 2020, at 93 million dollars, according to documents consulted by Forbes. Much less than the amount he had previously claimed to have.

$793 million is the total fortune Donald Trump claimed to hold in a 2015 interview with Forbes magazine.

But New York Attorney General Letitia James last week released a trove of documents about the businessman’s finances, as part of an investigation into possible fraud by The Trump Organization.

Trump’s word questioned

Analyzed by Forbes, the documents largely call into question the statements of the former American president about his fortune.

The total wealth of Donald Trump remains difficult to quantify due to the complexity of the businesses he maintains. Despite everything, even if the 93 million dollars raised by the documents represent only a part of the assets available to Trump, they would remain much lower than the various estimates that the businessman had until then provided.

Earlier, in 2015, Donald Trump claimed to have $302 million. Before increasing the figure to 793 million with Forbes: “I give things away”, he justified, referring in particular to the sale of the Miss Universe competition for nearly 30 million dollars.

The Trump Organization in the viewfinder

The holdings fluctuate naturally and legitimately due to the direct trading activities he has. But his statements, questionable, prompted Letitia James to conduct a closer examination. Referring to the fact that exaggerating the value of the assets of The Trump Organization can amount to fraud.

The Trump Organization denied any wrongdoing and said the investigation was more about politics than genuine doubts about the company’s business.

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