Sunday, May 22

Estelle Denis and Raymond Domenech: the couple is now separated

The end of a story. After more than 20 years together, the journalist Estelle Denis and the ex-coach of the Blues, Raymond Domenech, would no longer be a couple.

A break that would go back “several months” according to Le Parisien, to whom Estelle Denis granted an interview on the occasion in particular of the new general information program that she has been hosting on RMC since the end of August, after having said goodbye to the L’Equipe channel, where the journalist has been orchestrating the program “L’Équipe d’Estelle” since 2017. A separation on which she did not wish to expand, underline our colleagues, at the origin of this revelation.

The couple never married

In a relationship since the 2000s, Estelle Denis, 45, and Raymond Domenech, 70, have two children together: Victoire, born in 2004 and Merlin, born in 2007. The couple had in particular caused a lot of ink to flow in 2008, following Raymond Domenech’s highly publicized marriage proposal.

The former coach of the Blues had asked his girlfriend to marry him, in front of millions of viewers, after the elimination of the France team from Euro 2008. only one project, it is to marry Estelle, so it is today that I ask her “had declared, live, Raymond Domenech.

A request that the sports journalist never accepted, which did not prevent the couple from pacsing themselves afterwards. Their paths today seem to take different directions. The new professional life of Estelle Denis has, for its part, started successfully and fills the main interest.

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