Tuesday, May 17

Jérôme Béglé’s editorial: “Presidential 2022, it’s dead calm”

In his editorial for this Thursday, January 27, Jérôme Béglé, managing director of the Journal du Dimanche, looks back on the presidential campaign which is struggling to get fully underway.

The calm before the storm ? The general drowsiness before waking up with a bang? It is clear that since Christmas, the presidential campaign has been purring. The voting intentions hardly move and the words of Éric Zemmour or Jean-Luc Mélenchon arouse fewer reactions than this fall.

The person responsible for this lethargy is called Emmanuel Macron. The more he delays his entry into the campaign, the more he freezes positions and the more he forces his opponents to speak and to oppose each other.

The hypothesis of a very short campaign can no longer be ruled out. The President will justify it by a busy European and diplomatic agenda as well as the Covid crisis which limits travel and meetings. Jérôme Béglé’s analysis.


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