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Live. Covid-19: England lifts most of the restrictions where the mask is no longer compulsory

5:50 a.m .: End of most restrictions in England this Thursday

Faced with a decline in the epidemic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last week the lifting of the last restrictions in England. From this Thursday, wearing a mask is no longer legally compulsory, but recommended in closed and crowded places. A health pass is no longer required for access to nightclubs and certain large gatherings.

Despite record cases and rising hospitalizations, Denmark also announced on Wednesday that it would lift all its internal anti-Covid restrictions on February 1, deeming its high vaccination coverage sufficient in the face of the lesser severity of the Omicron variant.

5:48 am: More than 408,000 contaminations on Wednesday

Public Health France recorded 428,008 cases of contamination on Wednesday, significantly fewer than the day before, but to smooth out the statistical jolts, we must consider the daily average over seven days, which fell very slightly, with just over 365 000 cases (against 366,000 the day before).

A case of BA.2, a sub-variant of Omicron, was also detected in Alsace a fortnight ago, reported The Latest News from Alsace.

5:47 am: The drop in the number of patients in critical care is confirmed

The number of new hospital admissions fell on Wednesday to 3,297 from 3,842 on Tuesday. A total of 30,624 Covid patients were hospitalized on Wednesday, compared to 30,189 the day before. A week ago, hospitals had 27,230 patients.

On the other hand, the figures for critical care, which receive patients with the most serious forms of the disease, confirm a decline. These services treated 3,712 people on Wednesday (including 341 admissions), compared to 3,741 on Tuesday and 3,852 seven days earlier. If it is much more contagious than its predecessors, the Omicron variant indeed gives fewer severe forms, which is reflected in particular by shorter passages in hospital and less frequent admissions to intensive care.

Hospitals recorded 258 deaths from Covid-19 on Wednesday, bringing the total death toll in France to 129,747 since the outbreak began two years ago.

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