Tuesday, May 24

Nimes. An ex-volunteer firefighter tried for raping a little girl even in the visiting room of the prison

A 52-year-old man, ex-volunteer firefighter, has appeared since Tuesday before the assizes of the Gard in Nîmes, for numerous rapes on the daughter of his companion, whom he allegedly sexually assaulted until the visiting room of the prison where he was imprisoned. for previous rapes of minors.

His companion must also answer for complicity in rape and complicity in sexual assault.

Just after meeting this man, she had let him – for two years – sleep in the bed of her seven-year-old daughter at the beginning of the facts, in 2011. She is also accused of having taken her more than a hundred many times visiting the prison where his companion was incarcerated, from June 2013. He had been sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment by the Gard Assize Court for raping several other young girls.

His conviction was confirmed on appeal in 2015 by the Assize Court of Vaucluse. It was there that he allegedly subjected her to other rapes, by digital penetration, as well as numerous sexual assaults, until a last visit, in January 2016.

His mother’s “pies” when she did not obey

The young girl, now an adult, had filed a complaint against her mother’s friend in 2018. She had realized that what had been happening to her for years was not normal. And she fully reiterated her accusations of rape and sexual assault on Wednesday, also referring to the “pies” that her mother gave her when she did not obey.

“Do you recognize the facts? ” ” Yes “

On Tuesday, the first day of his trial, the accused was living as a volunteer firefighter, lifeguard and boxing teacher after being a paramedic or having worked in cleaning. He had for the first time admitted to being “guilty”, however seeming to only recognize sexual assault and not rape. Questioned again on Wednesday, he confessed everything this time.

“Do you recognize the facts? “relaunched the president, after the testimony of the victim. ” Yes “. “All the facts? “, insisted the magistrate. “Yes,” he repeated.

« Naïve »

At the hearing on Wednesday, the mother once again defended herself, conceding to be “naive” and to have been in love with this man, with whom she had no sexual relations. At the bar, in a barely audible voice, she insisted that she “did not imagine” that he could harm her daughter and “didn’t pay attention” during visits to the visiting room.

“Penitentiary disaster”, “a cataclysm”

But it is “everyone who takes for his rank” in this case, insisted the Advocate General, on the second day of the trial, recalling that it was indeed the General Prosecutor’s Office who had authorized these visits to the house. Nîmes stop. As for the surveillance of the accused, during the visiting rooms, it seems to have been more than minimal. Enough to give arguments to the lawyers of the various parties, who denounced a “prison disaster”, “a cataclysm”.

On Tuesday, at the helm, prison guards explained that they had reported to their management the inappropriate behavior of the accused with the one who was presented as his stepdaughter. Both during collective visits and in the family boxes where the visits then continued.
According to the investigation report, a fellow prisoner had also alerted management, explaining that the ex-volunteer firefighter was receiving photos of a naked girl on his phone.

Asked about this on Tuesday, the director of detention at the Nîmes prison, now retired, said that she had never received these reports, of which the investigators have never found the slightest trace. After a software change in 2015 within the prison, all documents prior to that date would not be found, she tried to explain.

The indictment of the prosecution and the verdict are expected Thursday.


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