Saturday, May 21

Presidential 2022: these mayors who refuse to give their sponsorship

Nearly 42,000 elected officials can give their sponsorship for the presidential election. Asked by the teams of candidates, many of them refuse to grant the precious sesame.

“I do not wish to participate and I do not wish to give my sponsorship to anyone”, indicates for example Xavier Louvet, mayor (SE) of Lachelle, in the Oise. He justifies himself by explaining that he has other priorities: “I have a budget to manage, I have staff, we were elected to answer questions from our constituents and these presidential elections seem quite distant to us”.

Another mayor, also without a political label but who had given his sponsorship to François Fillon in 2017, explains that he felt betrayed. Today, he aspires to maintain his neutrality vis-à-vis the inhabitants of his commune. “More and more, different opinions are being expressed. If we want to be a unifier, to synthesize and be a unifier, we have to be careful about what we do, all the time…”, explains Laurent Nocton from Villers-Saint-Frambourg-Ognon (Oise).

“In our small towns, we don’t do political politics, we are there above all to serve, without ulterior motives”.

As a reminder, candidates have until March 4 to obtain their 500 sponsorships.

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