Sunday, May 22

Rhone. The squirrel settles on their windowsill and becomes a star on TikTok

This is the cute story of the day… A couple living on the third floor of a building in a commune in the Rhône region were surprised to discover, one morning, a red squirrel in the process of settling on the ledge. from his window, reports BFMTV.

The animal, nicknamed ”Lemon-chestnut”, probably thought that this little corner protected by an iron railing and placed high up was the ideal place to make its shelter, called a hood, intended to protect its night during cold periods.

Alex and Anna, who do not wish to reveal the name of the town where they live, had originally created a TikTok account for their cat, Biscotte. But since the arrival of this “buddy”, the number of subscribers has exploded, the most watched video having already exceeded 1.2 million views on the social network.

We can see him climbing the wall to access this house built gradually with branches, but also eating, taking a nap…

In order not to disturb the rodent, Alex and Anna made the decision to leave this window closed so as not to disturb it. They do not intervene in the daily life of the squirrel and are content to contemplate it and film it, to the delight of Internet users.

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