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Streaming: the most listened to titles are in French

The titles that concentrate the most listening on streaming services are “overwhelmingly” French-speaking in France. This was revealed by a study by Arcom, the audiovisual and digital regulator, this Thursday, January 27.

The study, taken up by AFP, makes the observation of a greater diversity on the radio. For the authors, there is an “over-representation of the French language in the consumption of titles” in streaming compared to radio, where “French-speaking and English-speaking titles are on an equal footing”.

According to the platform’s weekly listening rankings Spotify (over the year 2020), 69% of the titles are French while 28% are English. The trend is therefore clear, and similar on Apple Music (respectively 72% and 25%) and Deezer (63% and 31%).

A predominance of rap

On the radio, although French is below the level it reaches on the rankings of streaming services, it remains the first language, specifies theArcom. According to the study, this domination of French on audio streaming platforms is linked to a “dominant place of rap” because “of the importance of this musical genre, today mainly listened to in French”.

The genre has also reached between 61% and 70% of the occurrences of the tops in 2020 on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and even YouTube. He is “more withdrawn on the radio medium, which knows a more balanced distribution of the different musical genres”, with “dance” and French variety as the majority genres in the rankings from 2016 to 2020. In 2020, 76% of 16-24 year olds favored listening to music via audio streaming, compared to 9% for radio.

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