Saturday, May 21

The prison has no more chicken and fries, the inmates revolt

An unusual protest movement. On Tuesday, around forty inmates from Gradignan prison revolted against the absence of chicken and fries in the canteen (the place where they can buy food, cigarettes, care products, etc.).

The 46 detainees were in the exercise yard and categorically refused to return to their cells at the end of the day.

So much so that the penitentiary center had to call on the Eris (regional intervention and security teams) to restore order. According to information from Sud-Ouest, at 7:45 p.m., the situation was under control and the detainees had returned to their cells. With the exception of three of them, the leaders of the movement, who were placed in disciplinary quarters.

“A favor and not a due”

“The cause of this movement is incredible. All this for a story of chicken and fries! ”, reacted to the daily Hubert Grataud, union representative FO-Justice. For its part, the UFAP Unsa recalled in a press release quoted by France Bleu that “this canteen is a simple favor granted to the prison population and in no case a due”.

The prison canteen is the only way for prisoners to buy outside products and improve their daily lives. In these “supermarkets” are mainly sold food, tobacco, hygiene products and sometimes leisure products.

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