Monday, May 16

“With you 2022”: La République En Marche launches a campaign site

If Emmanuel Macron has not yet announced his candidacy for a second term, La République En Marche is active internally. The presidential party launched this Thursday, in all discretion, the site, to prepare for the electoral campaign.

The stated objective of this platform: to give a voice to the French, to everyday actors, rather than to the politicians already omnipresent in the media. “When you turn on the television, when you listen to the radio, when you open the newspaper, it is difficult for you to recognize yourself in the declarations of the various candidates for the presidential election: it is normal, they do not speak about you, they speak about ‘them’, can we read in the tab ‘our approach’ of the site

Several testimonials have already been published, through mini-films, looking like campaign clips, suggesting the presence of the production team behind. We can, for example, listen to the story of Lona, 25, a nurse in Bordeaux, who evokes the “highlights” that she was able to experience during the health crisis, as well as the problems encountered by the hospital and the “exhausting” daily life. » caregivers. She also believes that the crisis has been “well managed” by the state.

“For us, real politics is not played out on the platform at meetings, but every day in everyone’s life. Your voice exceeds your vote”, affirms the organization.

Focus on civil society actors

It is not easy to see, at first glance, that this platform is signed LREM. As our colleagues from the World, the name of the party is only mentioned in the “legal notices” section.

However, we guess the membership of the presidential party through these words: “We have been criticized every day of this five-year term for not being professional politicians. This reproach is justified, it is even a source of pride – perhaps that is why we are the only ones to listen to you”. The presence of “civil society” among the candidates for the 2017 legislative elections had been one of the main campaign arguments of La République En Marche.

While there was no official announcement of the opening of this platform by LREM representatives, an article was however published on the party’s website, inviting users to visit the official website. . En Marche also shared the content of the “Avec Vous” campaign on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where the words “#avecvous” now appear alongside the name of the party’s official account.

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