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Gaming. Video games and Twitch streamers: who are the most popular in France and around the world?

Who are the most Googled Twitch streamers and which video games are popular around the world? The clothing brand Superdry wanted to get to know some of its customers better, noting that its “tracksuits and loungewear range appeal to gamers around the world”, gamers whose number is estimated at 3.2 billion worldwide. Based only on Google search data by country, she made a ranking of the most popular games and streamers.

What are the most searched games?

Fortnite, a shooter and survival game, and Minecraft, a block building game, are global favorites. The first has been the subject of the greatest number of searches in 106 countries, notes the brand “especially in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia”… and also in France. Minecraft is the most searched game in 51 countries, especially in Russia and South Asia.

In Europe specifically, Fortnite still dominates with the highest search results in 38 European states, particularly in Western and Northern Europe. In the East, it is rather Minecraft that wins, for example in Ukraine or Albania.

Which streamers are most successful on Google?

On the Twitch side, the American YouTuber Ninja (17 million subscribers) and the English TommyInnit (17, holds the Guinness record for the most views on Twitch) are in the lead. The first is sought in 46 countries, the second in 36 countries. Most of TommyInnit’s videos, Superdry points out, “are about Minecraft, which we’ve found is the second most Googled game in the world. This is undoubtedly what explains its popularity all over the world. »

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, quoted by the study, Twitch users earn an average of $250 per 100 subscribers. “The 10 most followed Twitch streamers share more than 20 million in revenue paid by the platform”, specifies the document.

Next in line for most searched players on Twitch is Spanish YouTuber AuronPlay, topping the charts in 14 countries. “Streamers Pokimane (one of only two female streamers in the world rankings) and Squeezie are in fourth and fifth position respectively,” Superdry continues.

In France, it is therefore quite logically the French Squeezie (16.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.2 million on Twitch) which is in the lead, also popular in Algeria, Morocco and Senegal.

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