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How often should you wash your duvet?

An essential tool for getting a good night’s sleep, especially with the freezing weather affecting France in winter, the duvet can be a breeding ground for bacteria if it is not washed regularly. Here are the hygiene tips needed to take care of this everyday object.

While pillowcases and sheets are often treated with care by their users, the cleaning of duvets is often postponed, or even completely forgotten. However, it is advisable to wash them every 6 months and even more frequently if yellow marks appear.

The washing of your duvet depends on the material contained in the latter to expand it. In the case of natural filling (down or feathers), you should not wash your duvet at a temperature above 60 degrees in the washing machine. In the case of synthetic filling, the machine wash temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. The rinsing mode should be intensive to remove as much detergent as possible and the moderate spin to avoid tearing the fabric wrapping the duvet.

Some additional tips

The first reflex to take before washing your duvet is to check for the possible presence of a hole to prevent it from emptying of its substance and damaging your washing machine.

The other important check in case of machine washing is that of the dimensions in order to know if your duvet will fit in or if you will have to go to the laundromat, with larger machines. Note that you will need to have extra space in your drum since the wet duvet can double in volume.

Finally, to keep the fluffy aspect of your duvet, it is possible to place two tennis or washing balls in your washing machine in order to beat the latter and prevent the filling from bunching up in a corner, depending on But.

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