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Internet. Wannonce targeted by a complaint for aggravated procuring: what is behind this classifieds site?

The online classifieds site “Wannonce” is in turmoil.

A dozen parents, whose minor teenagers prostituted themselves via this site, filed a complaint Thursday, in Paris, for complicity in human trafficking and aggravated pimping.

What do we know about this site?

This site allows you to put various ads online (animals, real estate, clothes, etc.)

It is completely free and claims 16 million visitors.

This site also offers a “temporary encounters” section.

What is the problem?

This section “ephemeral meetings” is in the viewfinder of the complainants who point out that there is no control of the identity or the age of the users.

If the terms “prostitution” or “paid sexual service” do not appear, the photos and the texts which accompany them leave no doubt as to the fact that they “actually offer a sexual relationship in exchange for remuneration” , according to the terms of the complaint against X with civil action.

“The managers of the site cannot ignore that they help the prostitution of these minors, from which they profit, and that they act as intermediaries between them and their customers”, underlined My Noémie Saidi-Cottier and Matilda Ferey, lawyers for the parents who filed the complaint.

They discovered that their daughters, sometimes runaways, then aged 14 and 16, prostituted themselves via Wannonce between 2016 and 2021.

For them, the site is also guilty of pornographic exploitation of the image of a minor, the dissemination of pornographic messages that can be seen by a minor and the absence of mandatory legal notices.

“With impunity, for years, those responsible for the site have been trading in the misery of young girls prey to all forms of violence, in complete opacity”, reacted in a press release the association Acting against child prostitution (ACPE) , signatory of the complaint.

The plaintiffs rely in particular on a dozen convictions for pimping, handed down between 2018 and the end of 2021 in the Paris suburbs and in the Bouches-du-Rhône. In these cases, the announcements of minor victims were published on Wannonce in particular.

The site acts knowingly

Wannonce – which gives no information on the owner, publisher, host or head office address – says it lives from advertising “managed by Juicyads for the adult part”. “The fact that the advertising is specifically targeted at the section containing prostitution ads demonstrates that the site acts knowingly,” argue the plaintiffs.

Nina Delcroix – assumed name – who prostituted herself between the ages of 15 and 17 and author of a book to denounce the prostitution of minors, also joined the procedure. “Wannonce is very vicious, it’s a site known for the ease of creating an ad and location, without any verification of identity,” she testifies. “Within a few hours, I had a hundred calls. It is important that the State and the justice system understand that these sites are responsible for a lot of suffering and lost lives. »

The Wannonce site did not wish to speak immediately.

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