Tuesday, May 24

iPhone: You will soon be able to keep your mask to unlock it with Face ID

This is a news expected by many iPhone users. A new iOS update will soon allow you to be recognized by Face ID without having to lower your mask.

No more dialing your digital code to unlock your iPhone, with the new iOS 15.4 update it will be one less problem. Currently available in beta version, before its large-scale deployment, it offers a new feature called “Use Face ID with a mask”.

Once downloaded this update for iPhone offers to switch to this authentication mode. Apple explains that Face ID will then focus facial recognition on “the unique features around your eyes to authenticate you”.

It will be necessary, beforehand, to operate a new sequence where we look at the photo module (in the front notch of the screen) to reconfigure Face ID. The latter will encourage you to make some movements of your face by focusing on your gaze. Please note that you will not need to wear a mask during setup.

A generalized option between the end of March and the beginning of April

Once this new manipulation is done, you will see that Face ID will unlock your iPhone regardless of the type of mask you wear. It should be noted that it is possible to refuse this new configuration of Face ID and stay on your old version, the classic Face ID identifying all of your face using the projection of more than 30,000 tiny beams of light .

If the beta version of iOS 15.4 is reserved now for people participating in the program of beta testers from Apple, the general public should be able to download this update by the end of March, or even the beginning of April. A method was already used by Apple to authorize unlocking with the mask, but this one involved having and wearing an Apple Watch synchronized with the iPhone used.


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