Sunday, May 22

Italy. Rocco Siffredi is running for president

“I have done more good for the country than all the politicians”. The tone is set. And for good reason, it is a candidacy like no other that has been announced in Italy: that of the star of X Rocco Siffredi.

The actor and director has released several videos on his Instagram account to “officially” announce his candidacy for the presidential election.

“Kids, I’m glad to hear that politics isn’t that boring, sad thing we used to be anymore. So in light of the new openings in the world of porn, I am officially applying for the post of President of the Republic. »

Rocco Siffredi, on his Instagram account

In a video message, first in the form of a joke, the king of porn announced a few days ago that he hoped to shake things up while the elections are at a standstill in his country.

Indeed, after four chaotic rounds, the deputies, senators and regional representatives have still not managed to elect Sergio Mattarella’s successor.

“I broke my back for 30 years to entertain you”

The one who has more than 1,300 films to his credit has therefore received a large number of messages, pushing him to go further.

This is why he wrote: “You are crazy, I have received your many messages with great pleasure, you have written to me by the thousands, what can I say: incredible. Thank you very much. I have therefore decided to go ahead and officially formalize my candidacy for the role of President of the Italian Republic. After all, I deserve it, I broke my back for 30 years to entertain you, I’ve done this country more good than any other politician in history. »

The “Rocco President” campaign was thus launched. And then, this Thursday, it’s a message that looks more like what we’re used to seeing in a presidential campaign that the producer posted.

The porn actor has indeed published a video where, accompanied by his wife, he declares: “Perhaps these politicians have forgotten their role as servants of the people, it is time for a change! »

So, does Rocco have a chance? This refers to the political career of the former actress of the X Llona Staller (aka La Cicciolina), who was notably elected Member of Parliament until 1992 and also ran in the municipal elections of Rome in 2013, Siffredi has every reason to believe it.

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