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Johaug and Klæbo received special help from the hotel manager after the cross-country infection

SEISER ALM (VG) While the rest of the cross-country skiers had to change hotels in Italy, Therese Johaug (33) and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo (25) had to stay at Steger-Dellai.

GOT TO STAY AGAIN: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and Therese Johaug did not have to change hotels in Italy with the rest of the national team after the infection in the squad. Here from training in Seiser Alm on Thursday.

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– They have an extra star at the hotel. Therese has lived with Bruno (Steiner, who runs Steger-Dellai) for several years, and he probably provides a little extra for her. But then I think maybe he had to cancel for someone else, says national team coach Ole Morten Iversen to VG and laughs a little.

Really should the Olympic hopes go from Italy to Oslo on Wednesday this week and on to Beijing on Thursday (yesterday). Therefore, the Ski Association had only booked rooms at the hotel Steger-Dellai until Wednesday.

This was not the case when sprint coach Arild Monsen first tested positive on his way home to Norway on Monday. Later, the runners Heidi Weng, Anne Kjersti Kalvå and Simen Hegstad Krüger were diagnosed with infection in Italy.

On Wednesday, most of the Norwegians had to move from the fully booked four-star hotel Steger-Dellai, which is located right next to the ski slopes, to the three-star hotel Hotell Gstatsch, ten minutes away.

With the exception of the infected Kalvå and Weng who are isolated in this hotel. As well as Johaug and Klæbo, the two biggest stars on the Norwegian team, who were able to arrange rooms with the Steiner family.

Krüger was not diagnosed until Thursday, after the hotel change.

TRAINING PARADISE: Bruno Steiner runs the hotel Steger-Dellai, which is located right next to the ski tracks in Seiser Alm.

VG has been in contact with the hotel driver Bruno Steiner and his son Michael, who is the general manager at Steger-Dellai. Bruno answers in the affirmative that they have assisted Johaug and Klæbo, but leaves the question of how it was possible to fix it.

– We are happy that we can help our guests when things are difficult, says Bruno Steiner to VG.

The hotel will not answer other questions about the infection situation at the hotel.

On her way to a ski session on Thursday morning, Therese Johaug was asked why she stayed at Steger-Dellai, while the majority moved to Hotel Gstatsch.

– I felt it was the best thing for me. I’m in the hotel room for 24 hours, except for training. You just have to be as shielded as possible and meet as few people as possible, and only make the best of the opportunities you are in, Johaug said.

She walked past VG by the hotel on Friday morning when she was on her way out on a skating trip, but did not want to say anything that day. Klæbo was on a jogging trip on Thursday. “Sorry, will not say anything”, was the message to the journalists.

Johaug has lived at Steger-Dellai for a number of years in connection with his collections. Seiser Alm is one of her favorite places.

– Therese has lived in this hotel for 15 years, and knows Bruno and his family well. She thrives in the area, says manager Jørn Ernst.

Johaug and fiancé Nils Jakob Hoff celebrated Christmas at Steger-Dellai, Ernst informs.

Eirik Myhr Nossum, the men’s all-round coach, says he has not realized that Johaug and Klæbo received “special treatment”. But the rest of the squad has nothing against this anyway.

– Did not get it with me. In that case, it is unproblematic for everything and everyone down here, says Nossum

He stated earlier this week the hotel move went well.

– It is enormously impressive to cough up a hotel in that way, Nossum said on Wednesday.

Due to the infectious euro in the team, it is still not finally certain when and which of the Norwegian Olympic hopes will go to China. They now test themselves every day. The preliminary plan is for the men to fly to Beijing on 31 January via Oslo the day before, while the women directly from Zurich on 1 February.

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