Monday, May 23

Melrose Place: actor Morgan Stevens found dead at home

According to the American site TMZ, actor Morgan Stevens, actor known for his roles in the series “Fame” and “Melrose Place”, was found dead at his home on Wednesday January 26.

It was a neighbor of the comedian, worried not to have seen him for several days, who warned the authorities. There, they found Morgan Stevens lifeless in his kitchen. He would have died a natural death.

Morgan Stevens is known to the general public for playing the role of Professor David Reardon in the musical series Fame for two seasons. He also made several appearances in Melrose Place, A year in the life, as well as Walker Texas Ranger which will mark his last appearance on the small screen.

The American site TMZ also recalls that the actor had been the victim of police violence in the 1990s. After being arrested for drunk driving, and placed in a cell, he had refused to return a garment that he had been lent to him. Two police officers then beat him, causing Morgan Stevens a broken nose, cheek, dislocated jaw, and nerve damage. The actor had filed a complaint, before the case was finally settled out of court.

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