Monday, May 23

Merged two apartments into one: The home they have changed as the family grew

– Welcome to our small high-rise building, says Ellen Heiberg Thomsen.

– A Dane in Oslo fits well in a brick house, says Ellen Heiberg Thomsen. The family moved here to Hoffsbyen hageby 25 years ago. When they eventually had three children, the apartment above them happened to be for sale. They bought, merged two into one and got enough space to be able to live.

In Hoffsbyen garden town on Skøyen in Oslo, the family lives over four floors. The floor area is not large, about 50 square meters, but when the laundry room has been converted into a ceramics workshop and the drying loft has been converted into an office, there has still been enough space for a family of five. In recent years, the two oldest have moved out, so now only mother, father and 19-year-old are left at home.

Ellen Heiberg Thomsen and Jon Wessel-Aas bought an apartment here 25 years ago. At that time, they only had the ground floor and the basement to live in. As in all the other garden town houses, there were two apartments in each stairwell.

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